Clean Walls Like A Pro

At 3 Counties Cleaning we wanted to go over a common question we get asked all the time. What are some of the best ways to clean walls? Washing the dirty walls around your house can be a huge chore. Not only is it a time consuming project, it’s physically exhausting. If you want to spiff up every nook and cranny, washing walls requires an enormous amount of reaching, stretching, contorting, and bending to clean off the layers of dust, dirt, grime, cobwebs, finger smudges, and/or greasy soot that have accumulated. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can make it easier.

Cleaning Solutions

Your choice of cleaners is very important and should be based on the type of wall that you are cleaning. A solution of clear ammonia and water works very well. It has a terrible odor, but ammonia is cheap and has superlative cleaning capabilities. Nevertheless, if you can’t get past the smell, there are other options.

Most painted walls can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle, non-sudsy detergent. Still, you should always test the cleaning solution that you will be using on an inconspicuous area of the wall. Make sure that the solution is removing just the dirt, not the paint.

Cleaning Strategy

When washing walls, dripping and streaking is inevitable. To avoid rewashing something that you have already cleaned, you should always start at the top of the wall and work your way down. Don’t forget to catch corners, trim, and baseboards as you go.

To get to those hard to reach places, use a sturdy stepladder or a small portable ladder. Make sure that you choose a ladder that is both stable and appropriately sized. If you will be working in a stairwell, use a ladder that is made for uneven surfaces. Try to center the ladder directly in front of the wall that you will be washing. Over reaching or leaning too far to one side could cause you to lose your balance.

Cleaning Tips

Here are some final tips that can be used to make the job of washing walls a little easier.

• Rid the walls and baseboards of cobwebs and dust bunnies before you begin washing.
• If you are using ammonia or another strong-smelling cleaning solution, make sure the room is well-ventilated.
• Change your cleaning solution often. When you are washing walls, the water gets dirty very quickly.
• To avoid streaking, wipe the walls with a dry towel after they have been cleaned.
• To avoid ruining the paint job on your walls, stay away from abrasive cleaners and steel wool. Use a toothbrush for small stains that need gentle, but abrasive action.

Cleaning In Retirement

Do you remember when you were young and easy cleaning was the way we do. Everything was scrubbed, scoured, dusted, cleaned and aired. fresh air through windowsToday keeping up on the cleaning isn’t always done as extensively as it was when I was a child. We remember washing windows and blinds, searching out any cobwebs that formed during the winter, opening all the windows and letting fresh air in. I also remember cleaning everything – whether it was nailed down or not. Spring cleaning was a major undertaking, often requiring several days to complete.

We do most of the cleaning with just one person, our customers tell us they like it better that way as its a more personal experience. I search out cobwebs, bring in fresh air, and wash windows, curtains and the like. One thing I don’t do today is put slipcovers on all the furniture. I don’t know very many people who do that any more. But in a way, I miss it. I remember putting fitted slipcovers in light and bright colors on all the furniture for the warm weather months. It completely changed the look and feel of the rooms. It was a nice change. When the cleaning was done and the summer slipcovers were on the furniture the whole house felt fresh and clean and new.

Another part of cleaning was cleaning out things we no longer needed. When we were children, we collected the toys we had outgrown, clothes that no longer fit us, and anything else we no longer wanted or needed. I have been thinking about those days for the last few months. I recently cleaned out a garage in anticipation of spring cleaning. I was amazed by the amount of stuff some people have collected. I was also surprised – and a bit nostalgic – about the things my children had been stored in their house.

All this thought about cleaning, however, also makes me think about how important it is for all of us to engage in a little cleaning of the mind and heart and soul. That’s why we are happy to be able to help other retired people out if it becomes overbearing and too much to handle. I don’t know if my mother consciously thought about other kinds of cleaning when she attacked the collected dirt of winter, but I find that my cleaning and scrubbing is a good time to think, even if we are always trying figure out ways to speed things up while cleaning. I have been using spring cleaning as a time for reflection for a number of years now. I use that time for reflection to try to do a little cleaning of mind, heart and soul.

I put my hearth and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process – Vincent Van Gogh

What we mean at 3 Counties Cleaning is this. We gather, and often nurture, feelings and thoughts that clutter our minds and souls, making them dingy. We love using that house cleaning time to think about and deal with things that I need to free myself of in order to be happier. We often don’t realize that deep in our minds and hearts we still carry, and even nurture, old anger or resentment. We often don’t realize that we are carrying guilt and frustration and various kinds of hurt. I think cleaning is the perfect opportunity to think about and free ourselves of these kinds of thoughts and feelings.